What I'm wearing?
1st Photo:
Penshoppe Rocker Blazer
Dickies Tank Top
Von Dutch Reversible Skinny Jeans
Figlia Boots

Maybe you have noticed that there is too much Red and Black going on here.It's because those are my favorite colors. They make me feel strong and brave as if I can conquer everything.

Out of curiosity, I searched Google about how people choose their favorite color but I found something even more interesting. It is what your favorite color mean. And it explained to me why I feel such thing towards red and black. It says red is the color of bravery and black is the color of power and the rest of the explanation explained ME very well.

I also found out the percentage of people who like a certain color. Most of these people like blue. I wonder why I'm not one of them. Or maybe I'm just not like most people.

When I was just a little girl... a sweet one... I really liked baby pink so much, I wonder why I can't even wear a single jewelry of that color anymore. When I grew a little older, my favorite changed into sky blue. In high school, it became purple (soft colors huh! sweet like candy..). And then it became violet, then red (blood red) and then black (not sweet anymore!)


What I'm wearing?
2nd Photo:
Oxygen Dress
Converse Sandals
Genevieve Belt

What I'm wearing?

3rd Photo:
Jag Jeans Hoodies
Celine Sneakers

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